Brand Ambassador

Yeats the Cheetah

Yeats was born 29 April 2010. Yeats is an amazing cheetah with a great personality, and is very patient. He has been visiting schools since 2012, and has taken over the role as the main school going ambassador. He is very confident and he is now as much of a celebrity as Byron.

Sagira The Egyptian Vulture

Sagira was born at The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre in November 2012. As his parents had not been successful in hatching an egg laid earlier in the season, we decided to hand raise him. Sagira has a great personality, and has done very well as an ambassador at schools so far. Egyptian vultures are very rare, and he conveys a very important message about all the threats that our vultures are facing, and just how important vultures are for our environment.

Previous Brand Ambassador

Byron the Cheetah

Byron was born 31 May 2002. He was the centre's first ambassador cheetah. Byron has a huge personality, and has visited young and old from all walks of life. Because he is such a handsome male, he has also sired cubs, one of which is also learning to be an ambassador cheetah. He has recently retired from school visits, and spends his days lazing in his camp at the centre. He still loves attention from guests that pass his enclosure on the tour, and is still as beautiful as ever.

Jedi The Anatolian Dog

Jedi is a fantastic ambassador, as both an Antolian and an example of domestic dog. Anatolian dogs are a special breed that live with livestock, and help to keep to predators away from the livestock. This is an amazing breed therefore helps to protect our cheetahs, as well as other predators on livestock farms, as farmers can now live harmoniously with predators. Jedi became ill as a pup while he was working on a goat farm, and due to his health issues, he lives at the centre with his friends, two goats. Because Anatolians are very intuative as to protecting the lambs, kids or calves, Jedi loves children and the attention they give him when he visits schools.