Here at the Centre we are constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of people and business, the support that we have received is truly commendable. Often we are asked ‘how can I help?’ so to answer that question we have compiled all the information on how you can make a difference at the Centre. Every little bit of help assist us to give these animals they care that they so rightly deserve. We would like to Thank everyone for their ongoing support!

The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre do not receive any government funding and therefore depend heavily on public support to continue with the work that we do. You and your family can take a special interest in one of the Centre’s animals by adopting one or more of them. Choose your favorite animal from the list of species and by sending your adopt an animal donation you will be playing an important role in assisting us to maintain and care for these animals.

All adoptions will be acknowledged on a special board at AVDCC. You will receive a certificate to acknowledge your adoption as well as a photograph via e-mail of the animal that you have adopted (All Levels)

Contact Nikki at The Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre:


There are many ways to sponsor, big or small, every bit helps. Every sponsor is acknowledged by placing their logo and link on our website, and will receive a Google Analytic report of the amount of traffic that the site has received every week as well as social media posts and photographs. On a larger level of sponsorship we also award the sponsor by naming one of our camps after them or placing a wooden plaque with their logo up in our auditorium. There are many things that can assist us if sponsored, please see a few examples below:

  • Sponsor an entire enclosure (camp) and have it named after you
  • Sponsor a full project and have it named after you
  • Maintenance - Tools /Equipment/ Vehicles/Tires/Safety Equipment
  • Food Processing Division – Consumables/Cat Food/Dog Food/Equipment
  • Suitable Meat – Meat/Game Meat
  • Animals – Leads/Grooming equipment/ Treat Bags for Ambassadors

If you would like to sponsor a project please contact Nikki at for more information on the current projects listed below:

  • Cheetah Run Project
  • Building a pavilion at the run site
  • Vulture Breeding project
  • Enclosure Re-Vamp project
  • Staff Compound Project

For more information please contact Nikki at


Donations can come in any shape or form, big or small, but the most common is a monetary donation, in this circumstance we usually allocate the funds to the most needed project, after which we will inform you of where you money has made a difference at the Centre.


The MyPlanet fundraising programme was launched as an extension of MySchool to provide community-minded people like yourself the opportunity to support a worthy cause close to their heart, without costing them a cent. You can support the charity of your choice every time you shop! Our partners will donate a percentage of your spend to the charity you have selected, on your behalf.

Get your free MyPlanet card today, select the Planet charity that you want to support (up to 3), and then, every time you shop at our partner stores (such as Woolworths, Toys R Us,, Reggie's, Engen, Altech Netstar and many more), they will donate a percentage of your purchase, on your behalf. It is so easy to make a difference.

For more information contact Richard at